My journey through the world Feng Shui revealed to me the connection between negative energy and the presence of entities in our environment.  A practical guide on the application of Feng Shui, this book – part memoir, part guide – promises to intrigue you from cover to cover. With an open mind, you will not only better understand yourself, but you'll also learn how to master your environment.

Confessions of a Feng Shui Ghost-Buster is the result of my life-long journey that begins in a tiny village in Italy. My confessions will elevate your spirits, clarify your need for a productive environment and help you to create a serene sanctuary in the place you call home.



Good feng shui has a welcoming aspect for home buyers. These houses make us feel at home the minute we walk in. The experience of serenity and tranquility makes us want to stay and linger in this peaceful space. We feel good inside and experience well being. When this occurs, there is a subconscious level of comfort that is experienced by the buyer. The comfort zone the buyer experiences remains with them. The agent involved in the transaction need not say a word. The buyers begin to experience how their belongings and furnishings would fit into the space they are admiring. They bond with the house because it makes them feel good. Once you harmonize your environment, the flow of good energy comes easily and effortlessly. Homes with good feng shui sell quickly. Even though we sometimes don't understand why a house feels good when we enter, the difference is real.


Color is a potent element. Adding color to an environment can result in a positive or negative response. For example, in the fast food trade we see bright colors of oranges and reds. These are hot colors. They move us in and out of these restaurants quickly. In Feng Shui it is crucial to balance out the five elements in your environment. The five elements can be used to enhance, control, harmonize, and balance your environment depending on your needs and circumstances. The five elements are Earth, Fire, Wood, Water and Metal. Each element is represented by their inherent quality and color. These elements have a relationship to each other and individually.

Feng Shui uses the power of color to enhance different parts of your house, your body and your mind. Visualizing red in meditation can kill off disease. If you break your arm, all you have to do is visualize a strong red color on that area and it will help relieve the pain, for you are literally "burning off" the pain.

Color can open new possibilities - whether they are related to your business or personal lives. We cannot underestimate or ignore the power of color and its associations. It affects us in a profound way. 

This book teaches you how to use color to your advantage. Once you know how to use your colors to access your power, prosperity follows.