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Anna Maria Prezio, Ph.D.
A Magnificent Journey of Personal Revelation & Spiritual Serenity through Feng Shui and 
Environmental Reconstruction

"Anna Maria is extremely knowledgeable, thorough in her work and truly cares about your needs. She has a keen eye for the aesthetics in her recommendations. I am hooked! I had immediate results right after the implementation of feng shui and was offered new projects - one was a TV show which ran with high ratings and offered to renew. She is amazing!"
... CHenry, Design Director

"After the first Feng Shui consultation with Anna Maria, I was able to move to a larger apartment and was given a promotion. After the second consultation, I was able to bu my first penthouse condominium. I could not have done it without her..."
...Carol Bialeck, Branch Operations Manager

"...I got dramatically positive results from Anna Maria’s Feng Shui consultation. I experienced immediate success." 
...R. Allegra Pena, Real Estate Investor

"...the best thing I ever did was to hire Anna Maria for a Feng Shui consultation. My life has improved tremendously in every direction."
... Allan Pratt, Marketing and More

"Because I consulted with Anna Maria Prezio, a truly positive outcome occurred from my court case. Anna Maria Took me through every step to receive that positive outcome. Even the Judge saw me in a whole different light and cut to the quick. Anna Maria Prezio's ability to advise me was truly amazing! I especially appreciated that she directed me through every step towards a scheduled date. Her guidance on appearance, including correct colors to wear, direction, time of day, demeanor and other methods for myself and all the members who were present and supporting me was so exacting that after following her direction, the judge's award was very advantageous for me in so many more ways than what I had anticipated. Anna Maria's Feng Shui method really works! It was life changing...Thank you Anna Maria."
... Jan Wallis​